This is an abbreviated story of Tucker's life while here on earth. Thanks for visiting his site. Please check out all the various areas for more information about him. We have pictures, videos, and lots of other information about our wonderful Gift from God. Tucker is a special boy and we pray your time here at his site will be a blessing to you. We certainly know that his life was a huge blessing for many people!

Tucker's life actually began during a Labor Day family vacation to Ocean City, NJ, in 2002 :-).

Tuckery, you were born May 10th, 2003. We were so excited to have you enter our family. Your older brothers, were 3 years old (Ving), and 18 months (Hunter). We remember the day we were scheduled for your birth, as the doctor had decided to induce labor. We took a beautiful picture of all our family member's hands on Mom's belly. We went to the hospital around dinner. You entered our world on May 10th, at 1:37 am. You weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces, and were 20.5 inches long! Your had reddish hair and eye brows, with pale skin. You were born with an inguinal hernia, and you were tongue tied (they clipped it later so you could nurse better).

You adjusted well to home. Super fastest eater ever. Great sleeper. Your room was awesome. It was a choo-choo room, and trains eventually became a favorite toy of yours! We loved how you sucked in both of your lips at the same time. We have many pictures of you "without lips".

You did not stay a baby very long. You rolled over at just a few weeks old. You crawled during your 5th month. You began walking early during your 9th month, and very soon had a skip in your step! With two big brothers, you had no time to waste with "baby" things. You were always getting in on the action. All of our boys together were a unit. The photos radiate threes; three filled car seats, triple stroller filled, three on the slide, three at the table, three on the step, three at the beach, three in the tub, three on the couch, three in the leaves, and three on the tire swing!

You packed so much into 2 years, 9 months. Disney World twice. You loved your personalized Mickey hat. Many, many trips to the beach; Clearwater, Key West, and Ocean City. You loved the water. You would wear a bubble, a ring, and swimmies (all at the same time). At 18 months you would jump into the pool with no fear. People were amazed. "How old is he?", they'd ask.

You were a trooper for many camping trips and fun times at Old Forge. We laugh when we remember you going in the water with your jammies on, then stripping down to nothing so you could swim on our early morning walk. And oh, how you braved those water slides! What 20 month old does all the water slides with his big brothers?

You helped build Sunny Maple at Keuka lake while still in mommy's tummy. You loved it there. You started as a new born in the swing, then the cage on the beach so you could splash in the water. At one year old daddy got you a wet suit of your own, just like your brothers. Once you put on a life jacket, you were all over the place. At two you climbed up on to the water trampoline and would jump into the lake! NO FEAR! We loved your dance on the porch steps (you can see it in the video section), and our many snuggles on the porch swing. We miss you so much. You loved the campfires, and oh how we wish we let you stay out there with us more!

You loved all kinds of swings. We remember the baby swing, you were in it a lot! Mommy even had a massage once at the house while you swung next to me! The porch swing at the Lake has many memories, with many snuggles and naps. You loved getting into those baby swings at the park, but sometimes it was hard to get out! You loved your Christmas present, a tire swing for the basement! Your brothers loved to push you and clip you in and out of your swing here at home! It has been hard to look outside at your playground and empty swing!

Shoes? You never thought they were of any use. No purpose whatsoever. Socks were always removed as well. Mud, snow, rain, hot ground, or rocky pebbles; you mastered them in your bare feet with little regard to the discomfort. However, whenever adult shoes were around, dad's boots, high heel lady shoes, mom's sandals, you always had to wear those.

Sledding down our monster hill at 21 months may have scared mommy, but you loved it! We learned to just put a helmet on your head. Sledding was a favorite activity of yours. We tried to keep you on the smaller hill. You would walk up the hill all by yourself at 21 months! Amazing. Up and down, up and down.

When daddy drove fast in the four wheeler, your hair would stay up the air, and we all started calling it Tucker-Hair! Your brothers here on earth are now often found striving to create "Tucker Hair" in many different ways.

Oh, how you loved music. The best of our videos all seem to have music; with you singing, performing, and dancing. "I Can Only Imagine" was your first song. You could sing along at 1 year old. It was the first song on your bedtime CD, and one day it came on the radio as mommy was driving and she heard you and watched you in the mirror finish some of the words- you knew them all! She was amazed. We still "can only imagine" what you are doing in heaven! "Jesus Loves Me" was another favorite. We have you singing it as early as 20 months. We thank God for the gift of the video we took of you playing and singing it on the piano, in a worshipful state - your last day alive! Other favorites were "BROCCOLI-CELERY" (Veggie Tales Theme Song) "Took-a-bear-a", "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything", "Happy Birthday", "ABC's", "The B-I-B-L-E", "Chick-a Chick-a Boom Boom", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "One-Two Buckle My Shoe". If there was music or a beat, you were dancing. Please check out the wonderful videos we have of Tucker moving and grooving to his favorite songs.

Binky and taggie were your companions. We don't remember at what age taggie joined your world, but binky was there from the beginning. You would put your fingers in the tag openings, sometimes even getting your fingers stuck! We cherish you big taggie, and have all taken turns sleeping with it. We are thankful you had so many Taggies, as we have put them in many places. We all laugh as we listen to mommy's recoded voice in your "Binkie-Ribbit" green frog we made at Build-a-Bear your last Thanksgiving. It says "Yeah Tucker! I'm so proud of you. NO more binky in your mouth! What a big boy! Love you!" You had mommy's words memorized. We had taken the binky away from you, but, 2 weeks later daddy let you keep the binky you found under our bed! We are so thankful for that, as you were able to enjoy that special binky the rest of your life.

TUCK TUCK was the nickname mommy called you. You were so cute when we'd ask you your name. You'd hit your chest with your open hand and say "I Tuck". Daddy also called you Took-A-Bear, and we have our own rendition of the song Kook-a-bear-a that we'd sing just for you. (And you sang it plenty of times yourself)

You did receive the "earliest potty award" of all the Salisbury boys by far. Right after you turned 2, we would just find you in the bathroom going both poop and pee. Then it seemed to stop, so we let you run around naked and you would do well. But as soon as we put ANY type of clothes on you, you would just go in your pants. After mommy got pregnant with Isaac, we decided to just put diapers on you until after you turned 3.

You were a very quiet baby. We know at 7 months, at Christmas was the first REAL verbal sounds we heard you make consistently at a Christmas toy you received. (Also in the video section) You were great at sign language starting around 9 1/2 months. At age 18 months, you started early intervention services for your lack of speech development, and ended up having OT, Speech, and Special Ed. You loved your "teachers", as you'd call them. The hours you spent playing games with them were wonderful for you.

"Mr. Fearless" is a great name for you! "Lack of danger awareness" was a diagnosis you were given. We'd laugh about it, but you really had NO FEAR of anything. You'd climb and hang inappropriately on the playground, kitchen counters, tables, etc. We love the video of you belly flopping off the entertainment center into the bean bag- no fear! When you started climbing out of your crib around 15 months, we had to put a crib tent on the top because you would always escape your crib in the middle of the night. You had been known on more than one occasion to be in the refrigerator and trying to go outside while we were sleeping!

You loved to eat from the beginning. Excellent nursing followed your first breaths, no time for being weighed or a bath! You were the fastest nursing baby of all the Salisbury boys. When we had pizza, you sometimes ate 2-3 slices! When you were one, you loved apples and French fries. You loved to raid the fridge. The last weeks you were alive, your fixated food were pickles. Wegmans dill. You had fun giving daddy pickle kisses (he hates pickles), but daddy gladly took your kisses always. You loved "eggs and sausage", pizza, and catsup (straight up), smiles, nuggets, cheerios, ice cream, juice boxes, gummies, berries, "miky", fries, chocolate shakes, peanut butter, and noodles! You did NOT like carrots. A few weeks before you moved to heaven, dad was holding you, and encouraging you to eat one bite of a raw baby carrot, and you threw up all over dad's church clothes! We all laughed and laughed.

We lived in 4 places in your short life. You came home to Woodfield drive as an infant. Around 9 months we moved to Keuka Lake after our house sold. Around 12 months we moved into an apartment in Webster. At 14 months we moved to Watson Hulburt road. Of course, these homes have no comparison to your current home in Heaven.

At 6 months old, you had a short febrile seizure when you had a viral illness, and it only lasted seconds. Fairly common in kids. In March, 2004, at 9 months of age, you fell down the basement stairs. When you landed, you had a 55 minute seizure and wound up in the PICU at the Hospital. There was no sign of a brain injury which would describe the seizure. The neurologist thought a 55 minute seizure was an inappropriate reaction to the fall. As time passed, you had a few seizures over a years time with fevers. In the Spring of 2005, around 21 months old, you were diagnosed with Epilepsy. It took 3 months to get your medication adjusted, and you had no more seizures! You were seizure free for the 9 months prior to your death. With all this, Tuck, you never missed a beat. You had an unwavering awesome attitude, with a sweet, loving, and cooperative spirit through all the doctors, medicines, etc.

The last week you were alive, our family was so sick. However, we have never been more thankful to have the pukes and poops! We snuggled so much on the couch together as a family. When mommy was sick you brought her your taggie pillow, taggie, and binkie. "You okay? You okay?", you would ask. You loved mommy so much, and Daddy tried so hard to keep you out of her room when she was really ill; but you wanted to keep coming in and climb into bed with her.

We had a great bout of nice weather the week prior to your death. It was SO warm out, in February! You rollerbladed with Hunter and we recorded it! You blew bubbles with Ving on the front steps, catching the ones he made. Daddy also got to ride the 4 wheeler with you. You had some great dodge ball games and wrestling with dad and your brothers. You enjoyed our new barn being built. "BIG BARN", you would call it.

Mommy had a very special last bedtime with you. It was so different than normal. Bedtime February 7th, from mommy's perspective... I was home alone with you boys, and usually I do the fastest bedtime possible, as I am exhausted from the long day and night. This night was different. Though I wish we spent longer, we were in your bedroom playing for one hour. I don't remember exactly how our night went, but I know around 7:00 all you boys were in your room playing with all the fun blocks you got for Christmas. I can remember a few days earlier thinking we hadn't really played a lot with them yet. I joined the group to enjoy the time and referee. Tuck, you kept playing in your crib, while Ving and Hunter built with your new blocks. Eventually I sat in the double rocker and started reading the Christian nursery rhyme book to you. All you had been singing lately was "one two buckle my shoe" the entire week, and I was getting a little sick of it as it doesn't make much sense. I was hoping to find a better version of it! You climbed up on my lap for most of the book. We read about 30 minutes. It was wonderful. I played with your hair lots! I had never been through the entire book before. We skipped some. Your favorite was "Humpty Dumpy sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Humpty Dumpty shouted AMEN, GOD can put me together again." Every time I turned the page, your kept saying "Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Dumpty"! So I would alternate one new one with the Humpty Dumpty. We had never said Humpty Dumpty ever before, just this special night. After the fun time going through the book, we sang songs. Everyone got to pick the songs they wanted to sing. We all sang very loud, and didn't have daddy to play guitar for us, but it was still fun. I think you picked "Jesus Loves Me", "Twinkle Twinkle" (we did the book version), "Amazing Grace" and "I Can Only Imagine". Hunter picked "Peace Like a River" (How Great Thou Art), and I think Ving picked "Power In The Blood" and "I'll Fly Away". It was a nice time. I don't think we ever spent that much time in your room like that before at bedtime. Tuck, you did some of your letters and sounds, and played with a train too. I wish I could remember what other books we read. You rocked in my lap during this time with binky and taggie. I can remember your diaper change, skin color, temperature, and your hair. You didn't want to climb into your crib, (you never did), but listened to mom as your heart desired to. "Yes mom", you said with your Tucker accent. We did our Tuck-ins, closed up, put on the hymns on the ipod, and said our prayers. I would always ask God out loud to heal your brain and diseases, keep you safe, for you to ask Jesus in your heart at an early age, and for you to love God and serve Him all your days. Them we sang our song "Good night Tucker, Good night Tucker, Good night Tucker, It's time to say good night. I love you Tucker." Then three blown kisses from the door. I did hear you crying and I went back in. You wanted to be tucked in again, which I did. Then you cried for me to Tuck you in again, and I said no; I couldn't play that game, and I shut the door. I went back into your room about one hour later to get both Hunter and your clothes out for the next day trip to the play, "Beauty and the Beast". You were sleeping peacefully on your back, with your precious head and face looking at the door. That's the last time I saw you before you saw Jesus.